10 Must Have Tools for Effective Blogging

Bloggers have many tools available to them to not only make their posts eye-catching, but to also attract new readership to their sites. Below are ten applications that not only make blogs more alluring but also make the process of posting much more efficient.

1. Windows Live Writer (Windows)

This free application is made just for bloggers and it allows them to see their posts just as they will appear on their Windows Live blog before they are actually published. Multiple blogs can be managed with Windows Live Writer and some of its features include the ability to add and edit photographs and video, create headings, specialized fonts, background colors and images, margins, borders, and block quotes.

2. AdesClrPicker (Windows)

Appearance is important which is why bloggers love AdesClrPicker, an application that makes it easy and fast to add color to blog posts as well as advertisements. Users can automatically add colors from a floating menu and create a personalized color library. You can also easily modify colors to your liking by adjusting the hues, saturation, and brightness. AdesClrPicker is small in size, can store ten captured colors in its memory, and is free.

3. Snagit (Windows)

This applications provides a simple way to capture images, video, and text exactly as you see it on your computer screen. You can then edit images and use the Snagit Studio to customize the shots. Bloggers love this app because it enables them to illustrate their points without the need for readers to click on a link. Earlier versions can be downloaded for free.

4. Tweetdeck (Windows, Linux & Mac OS X)

Spreading the word about your blog is essential and Twitter is one of the best tools out there today to attract new readers. Tweetdeck is an application that makes your Twitter experience much more efficient, simple, and fast.

5. Digsby (Windows, Linux & Mac OS X)

Connect with all of your IM and social networking contacts all through this application that happens to be available for free. Not only can you keep up to date with everything on Twitter, Facebook, and other popular networking sites, but you can also manage all of your email accounts and have one buddy list for all of your IM accounts no matter what service they are on.

6. Flickr (Windows)

A blog with only text may not hold the attention of visitors for very long. Adding interesting and relevant imagery is a great way to create instant appeal. This application shows images that are freely available for use under the Creative Commons license, but you should must check that you aren’t using images protected under copyright. Keep it in mind that you’re expected to attribute the image to its creator with a link to their profile on Flickr.

7. Notepad++ (Windows)

Bloggers frequently use this free text editor to tweak the design of their theme. One of the major benefits, apart from its price tag, is the ability to auto-highlight code for a variety of programming languages. Notepadd++ offers syntax highlighting that can be defined by the user as well as syntax folding along with multi-document and mulit-view features and the ever-useful auto-completion. Users can drag and drop code, and also record and play back macros.

8. Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Linux & Mac OS X)

This free web browser is great for bloggers because there are so many ways to customize it with plugins. Not only will it meet your exact needs, it will have a look that is all your own. Firefox is super fast, offers private browsing, has anti-phishing and anti-malware protection, and one-click book marking. If you’re always browsing the web for stories to report, then Firefox is definitely recommended.

9. Feeddermon Feed Reader (Windows)

This is a popular feed reader for bloggers that allows users to read news even when the internet is down. It organizes feeds easily and access pages quickly with links that open a built-in browser.

10. RSS Bandit (Windows)

Read multiple blogs and sites from just one interface with this advanced feed reader application. IRSS Bandit is free and works right from your desktop. Direct synchronization gives it the ability to work with Google Reader and NewsGator Online.

From creating a blog that has appeal to a wide readership to promoting it through the most effective channels, these applications are essential for dynamic bloggers. Not only are they fun to use, they also assure that blog authors have access to the most up-to-date technology and information.

Written by Tom Walker, a web designer and writer from the UK working for an online supplier of Epson Stylus Photo inks. Check out CreativeCloud for more of his writing on advertising, art and design.

14 thoughts on “10 Must Have Tools for Effective Blogging

  1. Great list, JP.

    I just downloaded TweetDeck. I know… I’m very late getting on the bandwagon, but I never felt a need for it. But, I’m finding it useful to keep up with Twitter and Facebook… all in one place. I was using Twhirl before.

    Another tool I’ve found very helpful is Instant Eyedropper. It’s a color selection tool with the ability to find out any color you want on a website, etc. Very handy for matching colors you like or use frequently. Here’s the link: http://instant-eyedropper.com/. It’s free!
    .-= Alan Mater´s last blog ..Write Online Product Reviews to Make Money Online =-.

  2. really, great list! And great job for creating this post! But about №8… why Mozilla? I don’t like Firefox, Opera it’s best browser as for me.

  3. The reason why we prefer Mozilla is because of the add-ons or toolbars. These gives us more info about the site namely the PR/pagerank and other specs.

    Thanks for commenting Trance.

  4. It’s no coincidence that I use nearly all of these haha.

    I would say to definitely pick up Dropbox. It syncs your files across any computers you have it downloaded to. It’s saved me so many times when I forgot an important file at home but luckily I threw it into Dropbox – I was able to snag it again when I got to work.
    .-= Murlu´s last blog ..A Crash Course On Holding Your First Blog Contest =-.

  5. Awesome tools for sure, I would also add Google Chrome to it, I’ve been a huge user of Firefox, but as of late Chrome has been getting better and better, and now that the add-ons have come out, it’s making the switch over to chrome that much more tempting!

    Till then,


  6. Useful tools for blogging I had just used Windows Live Writer .And I got amazed that how it really works Im mean you shouldn’t have to download any other tool..

  7. Good resource list for blogger. I personal like Feeddermon Feed Reader because it works automatically when i am in front of computer or not.

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