5 Easy Steps to Become an Effective Blogger

thumbnail 4Have you ever thought of how bloggers write their articles? professionally done, highly informative and full of new ideas, but…no matter how informative, full of ideas or whatever an article may be, is it effective if not all the readers can understand?

Let’s put it this way…you are writing a very long article, raining with ideas, and you are using words that are hard to understand but the one who saw or read your article is a visual learner? -is it still effective?

How are you going to share your ideas to your reader or visitor?

Now, writing article is not just making somebody get impressed with your skill, what matters most is that anyone who reads the article can understand right away.

To be an effective blogger, you have to think of all the readers from any level. From a person who is not a native speaker of your language to a professional or a native speaker of your language.

You also have to think of the educational attainment of a person. Not all of your readers are professionals, linguists, geniuses or whatever.

Try these simple steps that might help you in making a simple, informative, and easy to understand article:

1.) Use simple words. Use those words that everybody can understand or comprehend. Readers might just head to another blogs or articles if they can’t understand your words or sentences.

2.) Use photos, or proofs. Not all of your readers read your articles up to the last period of your article, sometimes they head for proofs or photos because it is the most direct of all instructions.

3.) An instructional video is the best help. Having a video showing what you are talking about is a great help if you are teaching instructions, or showing some proofs with yourself.

4.) Do not leave readers hanging in the air as much as possible.
If you think you can share your ideas of a particular subject in just one article then do it. Do not cut the article instead let them have it all.

5.) Be direct as much as possible.
A very long article might be too boring to read, try breaking it down to direct statements and avoid putting many flowery sentences and words. You can do this through bullet forms or just a simple statement with the full idea inside.

2 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps to Become an Effective Blogger

  1. Thanks Alan. What gave me the idea of writing this article is that there are blogs out there, really hard to understand specially for beginners like me. And sometimes I seek photos or videos to see the real thing rather than reading it without even a clue of what they are talking about.

    I appreciate the comment Alan, thanks again.

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