A Simple Tip for Choosing a Domain Name

I remember last year when I was planning for my blog, choosing a domain name really sucks up time that you have to spend a day or two to think whats the best for my blog. It’s not easy to choose and think a domain name, almost all of the words that you can think of is already been used.

Follow these  simple tips that will help you choose the right word/s for your domain:

  • Like what Alan Mater told me before, when you choose a domain name it’s better to include the keyword that you want to be ranking for. The reason for this is that this is SEO friendly, and being SEO friendly blog or website is what every blogger wants.

Example: www.resortspasalon.com – people who will search resort, spa or salon will find your site easily since the domain name that you are using is the keyword that you want to be ranking for.

  • Be general when choosing the domain name. It’s better not be particular with the domain as this will also affect the articles and topics that you are going to write.

Example: your domain name is www.abcdefg-phones.com – your audience will be limited with the fans of that phone only, in other words, limited traffic. So why not use www.phoneaddictcentral.com – this will help you not to get stuck when you ran out of phones to write a review since you are not talking about 1 brand of phone only, meaning, larger traffic.

Read this article for more information: Think Before You Stuck-Up

So do you have anything to add to help other readers understand or learn more? Feel free to share and comment below.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Simple Tip for Choosing a Domain Name

  1. I don’t agree with your statement or Alan Mater’s statement which is using a keyword for better ranking, that doesn’t look good if you’re trying brand your blog. Yes, keyword in the domain name is really helpful for better ranking, use this way if you just want to make money online, but don’t use it if you’re going to brand your blog. A keyword in the domain name is not brandable.

    That’s my two cents and there is no offense. Anyway, this post would help for people who want to make money online.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for that helpful statement, I appreciate it. I agree with you, it serves as your brand and if you want to be known with that brand better use unique domain name.

    With your disagreement, That’s why I said “its better”. This is optional, if you want to target audience with the interest of that niche then use the keyword that fits perfectly in your domain which is I did not include in my article, sorry for that.

    Thanks for commenting Lee.

  3. Thanks Lee, I’ll feature one of your post in my next update. Thanks for adding the helpful information.

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