Advertisement Positioning Suggestions

Before I start this article I want you to know that these tips are my suggestions. It’s still up to you on where you want to put your banners or any advertisements.

Now, advertisment positioning is very important because you want to attract clicks, improve  Click-Through-Rate and earn even more from it. And also, ad positioning plays also a part in SEO because there are webmasters that are very meticulous when it comes to where their ads are going to be displayed on a website or blog. I’ll tell you this tips that might help you improve CTR and attract Advertisers.

  • Adsense Ads – I suggest inserting 336×280 text-only banner on the content area. This kind of banner attracts more clicks and improved my earnings from Google AdSense averaging from 2 clicks per 400 unique hits.
  • Skycrapers – This goes to the sidebars of course, always remember to put this away from Advertisement banners (not AdSense). An advertiser demands high attention only to their ads and not for other advertisements or AdSense.
  • Leaderboards – This goes to the top of the content. This attracts very high attention since you see this when you open a website. But I suggest putting this in the bottom or the footer if you are advertising here with AdSense. Some advertisement may annoy or disturb readers.

Here’s a nice trick – I have seen this website that he replaced his navigation bar with a 468×15 text AdSense. He got me good because I thought it was a part of his website. So why don’t you try it too, this might increase CTR.

  • Link Units – If you blend this nicely with your blogroll, or friends list, or important links visitors or readers might get trapped (lol)
  • 468 x 60 banners. These are perfect to insert in between content/article specially when you blend it perfectly. This get’s me all the time when I read blogs.
  • Pop-ups are annoying. Not unless it’s a subsription offer.

Always remember no to flood your websites with advertisements not unless your an internet marketer. Be careful on choosing the advertisements, be relevant, and avoid disturbing readers.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

4 thoughts on “Advertisement Positioning Suggestions

  1. Interesting post, but you’ve done something with your Adsense block that’s contrary to what I read all the time. That being the adblock should be on the left because most people read from left to right, and they’re more apt to click on that block than if you have it on the right. But what you’ve done is blend the color in really well with your site; that counts a lot, because it doesn’t distract from everything else.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Dragon 10 Software Review =-.

  2. Hi mitch,

    Thank you for that additional important information. I’ll make the changes right away as what you said. Much respect for a professional blogger like you! 🙂

    Thank you so much.


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