Agreement May Be Voted On By NFL Players and Owners This Week

NFL players and ownersThreatening the season, they paced headfirst to each other in a $10-billion game of chicken. The But 129 days after it started, NFL shut out is nearing a happy end.

NFL players supporters will choose on a latest collective bargaining agreement Wednesday in Washington D.C., according to statements, assuming the last few details are determined over the next two days.

On Thursday in Atlanta, proprietors are anticipated to vote on the contract at a group gathering. Next week, if there are no delays, the free agency that has been postponed since March would start.

Already, both sides have approved on the standards of an agreement that must make sure labor peace for most of the following decade: four years for free agency, a latest, lessened rookie wage range, a $120 million salary cap and good benefits for retired players.

Similar to each team, the Lions will hurry to end their roster once the latest CBA is in location.

Coming off a 6-10 season and with optimism at a post-Barry Sanders high, the Lions’ main concern are to leave some of their own free agents, as well as cornerback Chris Houston and quarterback Drew Stanton, and include starters at linebacker and cornerback in free agency.

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