Alex Rodriguez Gets Knee Surgery After a Meniscus Tear

Alex RodriguezThe news discouraged the laggards in the Yankee clubhouse who had not previously ran out the door to the All-Star break.

Alex Rodriguez requires surgery on his sore right knee.

He will undertake an arthroscopic process today at the University of Miami to repair a small tear of his meniscus.  Rodriguez will miss from four to six weeks.

Dr. Lee Kaplan, Miami-based orthopedic surgeon will do the surgery.

Robinson Cano said, “It’s a huge blow, man.  To lose a guy like him, that’s the kind of guy you really need in your lineup, a guy who puts up good numbers, a guy who produces. A guy a pitcher doesn’t want to face.  It’s a big, big loss to lose a guy like him.”

Rodriguez made a decision Sunday to have the surgery after being examined by Kaplan and talking about his alternatives with team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad.  The tear had been found in an MRI on Friday after Joe Gerardi recognized Rodriguez was not driving the ball and teammates commented that he was not running normally.

Rodriguez had hit .321 with nine RBI in the 14 games ever since he injured his knee last June 19 running the bases at Wrigley Field.

He has not hit a home run since June 11, a span of 85 at bats, the highest single-season dearth of his profession.  The 14-time All Star has hit a minimum of 30 home runs in 13 consecutive seasons, but as only 13 this year in 305 at-bats. He is striking .295 with 52 RBI this season.

The failure of the  Yankees’ cleaning striker until early to middle of August is a blow to a group that created it to the All-Star break having endured without Derek Jeter for 18 games and starter Phil Hughes for 2 ½ months.  It as well dealt with the decimation of its bullpen because of injuries.

Girardi said in a report, “There’s no doubt we’re going to miss him, but we need to find a way.  As I’ve said several times already this year, some people are going to have to step up. Up to this point, this team has.”

He did not recognize if Rodriguez would go back in four weeks or would be competent to just do baseball activities in that timeframe.

Rodriguez talked about the injury with CC Sabathia, who has double experienced a meniscus tear in his knee.

Sabathia said, “We definitely want him in the lineup, but we want him to be right, and he wasn’t the past couple of days.”

He felt healthy after around four weeks following surgery, he added.  However, that might not interpret to a position player.

Sabathia said, “Playing third is a lot different than pitching.  Running the bases is a lot different than pitching. Swinging the bat and having to be driving the ball is a lot different.”

Eduardo Nunez will fill in at third base, as he did this weekend.

He said, “I feel bad for him. You never want to see a teammate hurt. If they need me, I can do it.”

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