Altered Creativity by Google

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(I read an article from a blog with this topic and It was very intriguing so I decided to make an article out from that article.)

Blogs are supposed to be written in every persons will and creativity. Every blogger writes whatever they want and put what they want in their site or blog. People who never gets the opportunity to be heard expresses their selves and tells everyone on the internet through blogging. It’s a very flexible media that allows everybody to know, communicate, and interact with each other. – THIS IS HOW A BLOG SHOULD BE. come’s a reader and tells you that your blog is not “SEO friendly”.

What is SEO? then he tells you that you should write according to what search engines want to be indexed, let’s say Google. And being indexed in Google is very great because it will allow more and more readers and visitors to your blog. And now to be indexed on Google, you should include keywords for what people are trying to search. (e.g. Google search engine: beginners blogging guide)

Eventually, as you write a posts for your blog, you are now writing according to what search engines require you. Putting a lot of keywords and targetting those words that most people are trying to search. And now, more and more visitors are reading your blog, you are getting good in search engines and you are abiding every search engines requirement.

Are you still writing at your own will?

Every blogger is writing according to their will, so do I. But because of the reason that we want more and more visitors and readers, we should abide this and should make our blog be indexed on Google. Because without search engines, people will never reach us and read our blogs.

Even if our writing creativity is altered, we are still writing according to our own will, the search engine is just helping us to be seen by hundreds and even millions of people.

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