Another Fan Nearly Falls Off the Railing After Trying to Catch a Ball

Keith Carmickle Near FallA fan of Home Run Derby nearly fell out of the outfield stands while diving for a home run ball hit by Prince Fielder, only days after Shannon Stone died from a fall while reaching for a baseball at a Texas Rangers game.  He was safe from severe damage or death just because his friends got hold of him by his feet, grabbed him and after that pulled him back as he swayed over the railing above a solid deck 20 feet below.

Keith Carmickle’s near fall happened after he stepped up onto the narrow metal table which is in line with the railing — the type you stand in front of and put your drink on while seeing the game — and after that, while still standing on it, reached down to hold the ball as it came in.

He missed the ball, yet his momentum brought him ahead and he dropped headfirst the rail.  Because of the rapid action of his brother and his friends, he would have disappeared.

Derived from the quote of Carmickle after the happening, you can say that he experienced the seriousness of the situation intensely:

“We caught three balls and I told the guys I was going to go for the cycle.  Dude, they were really holding onto me.”

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