Attract Commenters in a Wise Way

I may not be the perfect guy to write this post because I am just the perfect stranger or newbie blogger that you may know, but I just want to impart you this little observation.

As you see I don’t have many commenters yet, the one’s that you see on there are my friend bloggers that I use to visit everytime.

Now, let us get straight to the point…

When you think that your blog has no commentators in spite that you are blogging months ago or may have fair traffic this is not because your content is not unique, or maybe they don’t like you.

Try these tips-

Ask Them!
When you write posts, think of the readers. Think of how you will make them engage into conversation, put their opinions, or agree and disagree. Like putting questions at the end, asking them if they agree or not, or asking them what is true or not, or putting a small statement convincing them to share their opinions.

If your content is very perfect that every readers agree, why should they leave comments when they know it’s totally true? leave comment like a small “thank you” or “nice article” might just annoy some readers or may let them think that they are spammers. Sometimes a little negative on the lines might give colors to your blog 🙂 but I am not telling you to put wrong statements or claims on your blog, just put what you think and let people correct, comment, or suggest what they think would be for the better.

Strong Opinions
Putting your strong opinions between the lines might trigger readers to put theirs too. With this, there is always a reason for them to comment and tell you what they are thinking.

Posts that Builds Conversations
Why not try posting topics about politics or entertainment? These topics has the highest percentage of the readers to put comments because these kind of topics are everybody’s concern. (I am not telling you to switch to a different niche but it’s not wrong to insert a little topic like this on your blog).

A Little Patience Might Do
Success is not a one shot glory. You just have to wait and by time, you will surely have it.

What do you think? Are you going to comment in this article? 🙂

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