Backlink Quality; How Much are you Getting?

Apologies for being too late with my new update, I have been very busy with my job as a part of an SEO group doing new extensive projects that requires a hell lot of work!

For today, I want to discuss about the quality of links that we are getting and are about to get. Backlink building doesn’t end up in just getting a backlink from the site. We should also look at the quality of the links that we are getting. If you notice, there are websites that rarely updates, and too few backlinks yet they get a good PR and traffic. This is because the quality of the backlinks that they are getting is high.

I will share this lesson that I heard from as SEO webinar that I attended which targeted the quality of links.

Content Inlinks – HIGH quality – Articles/contents that attracts links from other site or referring the article. Anchor or mentions from other articles.

Link Trades – MODERATE – Partnerships, Link Exchanges (blogroll to blogroll)

Paid Links – LOW – Links on the sidebars or blogrolls. This can be high if related to site but can be devalued or penalized if not.

Link Reclamation – HIGH – If link source finds broken links, it re-points to active and valuable pages.

If you have something to add or questions to ask, feel free to put it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

9 thoughts on “Backlink Quality; How Much are you Getting?

  1. You’re right! It’s very importantly for PR your blog. Thanks for this post! All you post very interesting for me!

  2. I too have noticed this trend that high quality backlinks especially those from older domains and links that stay there for a while to build up the link juice seems to have ALOT of value with Google. I’ve seen way too many times websites outranking other sites simply by having just a few links from Authority websites, where as their competitor has 50,000+ links but highly irrelevant and not outranking the one with the more target link. This can be a good thing for some… and bad for others…

    Till then,

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  3. Quality is something that everyone is expecting form you.If you are not upto the expectations of the cutomers than how would you build yourself as a quality product.

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