Basic Search Engine Traffic Tips That You Have to Comply

Today let me share these most basic SEO tips that surely works. Specially for beginners, some of you might not be familiar with how these work but if you follow these tips your blog will surely workout not that instant but little by little.

Day by day more and more websites are getting big and it’s getting harder and harder to get a position on the Search Engine. These tips might give you a hand.

Lets start of the engine.

1.) Page Optimization: We should start by taking care of our content. As always a rule to the blog-o-sphere, “Content is King”. If your content is original, not copied and pasted, or helpful you will surely get nice results.

2.) If you want your site to be succesful, be sure your interface is user-friendly. Be careful on putting labeling your pages and tabs, and always be on the look for errors, broken links or misplaced things. And be sure to have a clean navigation system.

3.) The use of keyword is very important. Maintain the use of your keyword whether be in in your content, pages, or backlinks. If you manage to maintain this, you might get a good rank and position in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s)

4.) Be careful in linking out. Establishing relevant links to you content, pages or be it in the link list/blogroll helps you blog. Because the one you are linking to might also link to you. But be sure that you are linking to those who has quality contents.

Linking to relevant and good websites will increase your demand and credibility, which, in turn, will fetch you better search engine results.

5.) Another backlink building strategy is by submitting to directories. Directories might also increase your traffic. There are free directories that you can submit your link to, but there are also who charges to be listed. Most of these are the most decent ones.

6.) Active promotion is sure to give good search engine ranking results. You can do article postings to sites that accepts it, or do guest posting in exchange of a linkback.

7.) Active engagement in social networking sites is also a great way to reach out readers with the same interest. You make a group and send them private messages with link so they can go to or you can make a shout out and tell them something new to their ears or intriguing topics.

It’s good to go beyond these tips and follow the most advanced ones but it’s also essential to not to forget the most basic ones.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

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