Benefits of Submitting Articles

It’ s a very nice idea to reach out and share your thoughts in various ways. Writing articles and submitting to e-zines is another way of reaching out the blogosphere. Always remember that we should not write for our own benefit, think of helping others (readers) and someday you will have something in return.

We are going to discuss here the benefits of submitting articles to websites (e-zines).  Not only e-zines, it also works on other blogs that accepts article submission.

A.) You will make your website, and yourself known to readers. With your articles, you can include your websites, credentials, and contact information on the resource box.

B.) You will become known as an expert of the issue in your article that you written. People are likely to consult you and seek for your help if they encounter an issue related to your written article.

C.) If your article is placed on the home page, this is an additional exposure to you and your website.

D.) If you get lucky, you can earn extra income from people who will hire you to write for them, whether it be books or articles.

E.) If you allow publishers to include your articles in their e-books, this is an additional exposure and your advertising will increase.

F.) As the credibility of your article increases, people will trust you and will buy your products since they believe every word on your article or product reviews. This will skyrocket your profits.

G.) Its a win/win situation if you exchange articles between other e-zines. Run their articles on your e-zine and they will run your articles on their e-zine.

Isn’t this a different way of earning traffic? think of it.

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