Bernanke: Mexico’s Gains Helped US Expansion

Ben S. Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman said a development in economic policies in Mexico throughout the previous two decades has assisted bolster U.S. expansion.  Bernanke said in a speech in Washington, “Mexico’s tremendous economic strides during the past two decades” have incorporated curbing price increases, improving fiscal rule and keeping away from financial crises. “Because the prosperity of our countries is so closely linked, we in the United States benefit from” the “foresight and hard work” of policy creators of Mexico.

He anticipates increasing exports to give to United States economic development. The United States trade shortage broadened over estimate in March as the uppermost oil costs in over two years concealed record exports, numbers from the Commerce Department illustrated May 11.  According to the agency, the second largest market is Mexico for U.S. exports followed by Canada.

Ben S. BernankeBernanke said in ready comments while recognizing an award at an occasion hosted by the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, “The growth of the Mexican and U.S. economies are strongly related.  Our countries are tightly linked through trade.”

Remarks of Bernanke did not tackle the U.S. economic appearance or monetary rule.  This coming June 21-22 the Federal Open Market Committee will meet in Washington.

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