Blog on Sale for $3,000


My blogging friend Toan Nguyen Minh from Vietnam is now selling his blog

Toan Nguyen Minh is a 17 year-old student blogger. He is already earning with his blog but one day he came up with a decision to sell his blog. I talked to him immediately asking him why, then he told me he has no extra time for blogging because he has to study since he is a student. I discouraged him selling his blog. I told him he can still write for his blog during weekends, but the did not change his decision.

Totally Bad Decision

Selling a blog that already earned massive traffic is a big mistake, you know why? It is not easy to earn traffic, it will take months to a year or two. With a massive traffic earned by a blog, you can already earn a good amount of money.

I told Toan that to sell his blog is a big mistake. Imagine a life after studying, you can only stay at home and you don’t have to work because you are already earning.

Remember, Internet marketing, making money online through blogging or whatever in the like is the new trend today, and there is a huge money out there over the internet waiting for internet marketers and everyday it is increasing. And this kind of business is longterm, maybe be lifetime depends on how you handle it.

So before making such decision, think twice or maybe a couple of times before you end up regretting.

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6 thoughts on “Blog on Sale for $3,000

  1. I received an email about Toan selling his blog, and I couldn’t believe it. I’d have to agree with you, JP, that selling would be a bad idea. The most sensible thing that I can think of is for him to hire someone to keep his blog updated, especially since he doesn’t have the time to keep it going himself. That way he could still be earning money while studying.
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  2. He’s been working with that for a year and he started earning money already, it’s really a bad decision. He just thrown away a big opportunity.

    I already explained it to him, discouraged him but nah…he said he’s going to do it.

  3. Yeah, I think not only me who convinced him. That’s a good move on his part 🙂

    Thanks for letting me know Alan.

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