Blog Priorities 1: Quality First, Quantity Follows

Lets discuss on how we should set our priorites when blogging. Whom to write, when to write and How to write, but first let’s focus on “How to write”.With this, we are not talking about the usage of words and sentences or so, let’s go to the deeper thought.

Quality First…
When you write, always remember to add value. Value on readers and how they understand your article. We bloggers should focus more on the quality by putting the right information and every bit of details because whats important is the idea and not the words.

Quantity Follows…
With quantity, I say this is optional. It’s your choice to write your articles long or short. It also depends on the writer. There are writers who can make long flowery articles with new ideas on the side while there are writers who focus on one idea and tends to make it short. Both of this is a good idea, but no matter how long or short your article is Quality should be in the lead.

With this, make sure to read my article “The Lesser, The Better” as it tells you the comparison of long articles vs.  short articles.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

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