Possibilities and Multiple Benefits: Blog Strategy

Ever thought of a strategy to boost traffic of your blog even if you are just a beginner?

Here’s one of the best strategy:

Do guest posting or submit articles to popular blogs.
The good thing about submitting articles to other blogs is that you can earn traffic and backlinks. Because you can use your keywords anchored in your articles. And if people like the article they mostly comment and find the real writer of the article, and this means traffic to your site.

Where to submit articles or guest posts.

Friend Bloggers
If you have friends that has popular blogs, you can always ask them if they are open for guest posts, they are your first choice of submitting articles and it’s just like practicing.

Other Popular Blogs or Sites
Contact  popular blog authors and tell them  that you want to submit an article to their blog. Tell them your name, your blog site and your niche, and show them your article.

The most popular site that you can submit your article is http://ezinearticles.com/


There are also sites that pay you when you submit articles like reviewme.com, payperpost.com, smorty.com but you have to follow their rules like how many minimum characters per article, etc.

“Aside from earning traffic, you can also earn money per article”.

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