Boogard’s Brother Faces Court Hearing for Drug Charges

img15343152Derek Boogaard’s brother, charged of controlling the addictive painkillers that one-time Minnesota Wild tough guy was getting until his overdose death, made his first court appearance in relation with the case against him on Monday.

Aaron Boogaard, 24 years old, was accused on Friday with third degree sale of a controlled substance, a felony, and interference with a death, a gross misdemeanor.

Judge Regina Chu of Hennepin County District reminded Boogaard of the conditions associated to his release from jail on $10,000 US bail.

They include no alcohol or drug use and submitting to random testing.

Boogaard did not enter a plea, which is usual at this early stage.  Another court appearance was scheduled for August 17.

The younger Boogaard, a Regina resident, is as well encountering federal accusations of immigration violations. The court date is so far to be scheduled.

Last Wednesday, Aaron Boogard was arrested in Minneapolis in connection with the death of his brother on May 13 in the Warehouse District apartment that the brothers shared.

Aaron regularly provided his brother with drugs and kept his brother’s non-prescribed, illegal drugs and tried to parcel them out on “some kind if limited basis,” County Attorney Mike Freeman said shortly after the charges were filed.

A toxicologist discovered traces of Percocet, OxyContin and oxycodone together with alcohol in the body of Derek Boogaard.

Police were called the night of May 13 to the apartment, where Aaron Boogaard told officers that he gave Derek the great painkiller oxycodone before the NHLer went out to nightclubs with friends the in the preceding night.

Aaron Boogaard as well informed the officers that he had been holding for his brother the narcotics OxyContin and Percocet, neither of which came from a doctor.

After finding Derek unresponsive, he flushed the remaining pills that he had been holding for him down the toilet before emergency personnel came.

In 2004, Aaron Boogaard was a Wild draft choice who has played minor-league hockey in the past four seasons.  He and Derek Boogard had planned to train in the summer in the Twin Cities for the forthcoming season.

The lives of people who have died drug-related deaths could have been saved had they sought help from drug abuse rehab centers in their area.

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