2 Simple Tips to Boost Up WordPress Without any Tools

It’s not new to every blogger or every computer user that the heavier the blog is the slower it loads. What I mean heavy is the stuff that a blog has like images, scripts, widgets and plugins thing that needs to load up before a site all in all completely loads. Now, there are tools  made to make your blog lighter, like the popular wordpress plugin WordPress Super Cache. BUT, there also ways to make your blog lighter and loads faster without any tools.

Hey! I did not say WPsupercache is not needed anymore (lol).


Lighter Themes
Theme is also a big factor that affects loading time. The more complex, has cool designs and big media or what the heavier it is, but with a theme with a simple interface, more text than images the lighter it is. I have observed this in my blog and it’s not because of my internet connection because I have a solid 3 mbps speed.

Widgets and Plugins
These are important gizmo’s on blogs, without these our blogs is not user friendly and is hard to navigate, social networking stuff can’t be flagged, and advertisements are impossible (lol). BUT when you put too much widgets and plugins it also becomes heavier. What you have to do is remove unecessary plugins, deactivate and uninstall, or convert them using <html> tags to make it lighter.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

2 thoughts on “2 Simple Tips to Boost Up WordPress Without any Tools

  1. Hi Sire,

    Yeah plugins maybe useful but when putting too much it will cause a slight holocaust on the loading time which really annoys readers and visitors.

    I’ll check WP-cache like the one you said, maybe it’ll be useful for my blog too. Thanks for dropping by Sire.

    Jp Manching

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