Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon faces bad weather condition risking runners to danger.

An outburst of summer-like air guarantees to make tough or even harmful jogging conditions for the Boston Marathon today. Afternoon conditions all around Boston will probably surge into the upper 80s, effortlessly smashing Boston’s record for the date of 84 way back in 2003. This record have been retained in Boston since 1872. Normal high temps in Boston currently in this year are in the mid-50s only.

Heat timeline:
Temperature in Boston was already 69 degrees around 9am. By the point females begin running at 9:32 a.m., it ought to be within the 70s. By 10am when the men get started, the temp is around 70s At noon.
The reason: Prior to a chilly front slicing over the Midwest, southerly winds are flowing northward, scraping tropical air from Mexico. High pressure from the Southeast U.S. coast is boosting this hot weather, its clockwise flow behaving just like a pump to help direct the July-like air towards New England.

Effects: Running lengthy distances with temperature ranges about 80s raises the perils associated with heat-related illness, especially for seniors, novice runners, and/or people that have pre-existing health conditions.

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