Brad Keselowski’s Inspiration for Winning Were Fallen Troops

Keselowski-drew-strength-from-fallen-troops-TJ9D3NG-x-largeFighting in the pain of his broken ankle, Brad Keselowski said he got encouragement from the tale of his cousin in Afghanistan as he drove to success in Sprint Cup competition on Sunday at Pocono Raceway.

Keselowski said, after his victory last Sunday, “I do have a cousin in the Navy Seals. One of the guys who died over there (in Saturday’s helicopter crash) was someone he knew, was friends with.  (He) told me a little bit about this week, and it kind of put things in perspective.

“I might not be feeling great, but those are the guys that are really making sacrifices. We’re just driving race cars for a living. We’re not curing cancer or saving the world like those guys are. So … it was inspirational for me. Whenever I got in the car and felt like, ‘This hurts, I don’t want to do this, I want to get out,’ that was good inspiration on what it means to man up and make it happen, because it’s really not that bad.”

Keselowski, troubled by pain in his right foot and in his back resulting from his crash last Wednesday at Road Atlanta, said he in no way believed letting his physical condition get the best of him.

He said, “I came here to win.  When you let the pain get into your head that far that you don’t believe you can win anymore, you’ll never win.  I woke up this morning feeling like we could win the race. And at the end of the halfway break (due to a rain delay), I went into my motor home, had my doctor with me, and (he) took care of me a little bit. I told him, ‘All right, let’s go win the race.’ And that’s how I felt about it.”

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