Bruins Stanley Cup Parade Gets Red Sox Reminded of How to Win

Red SoxWatching the Bruins Stanley Cup parade last June 18 provided the Red Sox a reminder of how sweet it is succeed a championship in Boston.

David Ortiz said, “When you see three million people at the parade, it tells you something.  This is a sports town. People have really fallen for sports here.”

Jarrod Saltalamacchia has been with the Sox for below one year, although the catcher previously has approach to value love affair of Boston with its teams. Observing the Bruins parade left Saltalamacchia expecting the Sox will have a World Series celebration this fall.

Saltalamacchia said, “It definitely motivates you a little bit. It’s a good feeling. It’s your town and the parade is right down the street so it does motivate you. I think this team was motivated to start off with, as well.”

Saltalamacchia said, “Even when I was playing on the other teams and came here to play, it was cool to see the fans get into it.  They’re the best fans in baseball as far as I’m concerned. They’re loyal, they’re faithful and they definitely support us.”

Adrian Gonzales used the earlier five years playing in San Diego, a city that has not succeeded major professional sports title from the start on 1963.  The parade was an innovative experience for them.

Gonzales said, “I can’t say that I’ve ever been in a city that has won a major league championship or a professional championship.  It’s great to know that the city is excited about their championship and our goal is to bring another one.”

The Bruins will carry the Cup to Fenway Park and will be honored prior to the series finale with the Brewers.  Although several counting Terry Francona, the manager have copped to being bandwagon Bruins followers, Ortiz developed a real gratitude for hockey after attending his initial game previous year.

Ortiz said, “I’ve been watching hockey for a minute.  After I went in person to watch a hockey game for the first time, I give those guys all the credit because it’s not an easy sport.”

Ortiz presented pointers to Bruins Milan Lucic and Shawn Thornon when they got batting practice at Fenway last August.  Ortiz and Thornton turned out to be friendly, although the Sox slugger has no purpose of attempting his luck on the ice.

Ortiz said, “I don’t think I can skate to save my life.”

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