Building Connections

Blogging is not only writing,  design, make money online or whatever you want to blog about, you also have to build relationships and connections. Connections with co-bloggers, friends and other people you know online as they are you first source of traffic (traffic: will be discussed soon).

Connection/Relationship with:

Co-blogger – This is very important as they are also blogging. If you build good connections are relationships with other bloggers, they are likely to link on your blogsite referring them to other people for more traffic. You have to make the first move first, approach them nicely and let them know that you are linking back to him/her and support him/her to any means that you know. So for the next time they will also return the favor to you.

Family and Friends – They are going to be your first source of traffic. Tell them and let them know that you are blogging and visit your site everytime they browse on their computers. You can also tell them to subscribe to your blog.

Friends and People Online – They are also your first source of traffic. You have to build more connections online through social media sites like facebook, twitter, etc. You can build groups and send them messages to go to your site and just do any “nice persuasions” for them to visit you blog site.

As you make connections with these people, whether they refer your blog site to other people for them to visit your site or link back to you whenever they like your posts.

2 thoughts on “Building Connections

  1. Yo! Nice post! Seems like at my blog, it started out as family, then as time progressed, my family stopped commenting haha… I have met so many new and wonderful people though and that’s the great thing about blogging!

  2. Well family is your first source of traffic, and by time more people will visit your blog even if your family is not around your blog anymore.

    thanks for commenting jake.

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