Canucks Desire to Win in the 1st Stanley Cup Championship

As they come across to safe their first Stanley Cup championship, the Vancouver Canucks have olden times on their side.

Olympics was hosted by Canada just three times in its history, however in the two occasions before to 2010 the city hosting the sight went on to succeed the Stanley Cup the following year.

CanucksMontreal received the world for the 1976 Summer Games, and the Canadians went on to get the second of four successive Stanley Cup titles the next season.  Calgary turned the deception also, hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics prior to getting the 1989 Stanley Cup.  In 2010 Winter Games, Vancouver played host, and now discovers itself in the Stanley Cup final for the third time in the history. Game 1 of the final game between the Boston Bruins acquires ongoing Wednesday at Rogers Arena.

New York has as well been the location of several Olympic-Stanley Cup magic.  In 1932 Lake Placid hosted it and in 1980 Winter Games and New York-based teams went on to succeed the Cup in the following seasons- in 1933, the Rangers and in 1981, the Islanders.

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