Chicago Bulls are Confident They Would Win Against Miami Heat

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah has been constant in his faith that his team could fight with the Miami Heat, although the stark reality that the Heat might have more than enough of star power is becoming excessively hard to conquer.

Noah said after the Bulls’ 101-93 overtime loss to the Heat in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals, “Sometimes effort isn’t enough. You got to do more than that.  We had mental lapses.  We can’t turn the ball over against this team at all because they get on the break and they’re really tough to stop in that situation.”

The Bulls has 19 turnovers, counting two expensive ones in overtime and could not continue with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh who joined for all 16 of the point in the additional session of the Heat.

Noah said, “I feel like every game is a little bid like that.  Even the games that are eight, 10 points.  If you’re watching closely, all these games are so close.  They’re played at one or two possessions, so few of these turnovers, I missed a few easy baskets around the rim. Those are things I’ll think about all night probably.”

Noah responded with six points, 14 rebounds and six assists after fighting to find some type of rhythm on both ends of the floor in Games 2 and 3.  Yet, it would not be sufficient to provide him some kind of comfort recognizing that the Bulls had chances to win both of the previous two games and did not get benefit of them.

bulls vs heatNoah still believe that his team can still win this game, however if the expressions in the solemn locker room are some sign, the Bulls have a hard mental difficulty to conquer.

The Bulls and Heat showdown with the Eastern Conference title on the line.

Bulls point guard Derrick Rose said, “It’s not over. We still have games to play. [Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau] talked to us in the locker room about it, where we’re going back to play at home, and we have to stay positive, where they are beatable. But we have to make sure that we play together and the turnovers have to be down, play defense.”

The truth of the reality is that it is hard to play stop a superstar trio of James, Wade and Bosh who joined for 71 points and made plays behind the stretch.  Yet, Noah is still self-assured.

Noah said of the Head, there is no question we can beat them.  There are never any guarantees in this game, but I guarantee we will be fighting. We have beaten this team before. It really comes down to a couple of plays, but you have to give credit where credit is due.”

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