Coach Spoelstra Says Heat Should be Aggressive

Coach SpoelstraThe series is tied 1-1, although to Erik Spoelstra, the coach of Heat, the math does not add up in these NBA Finals against the Mavericks.

During two games, as the best of seven sequence shifts to Dallas for Game 3 on Sunday, the Heat have tried 54 3 pointers, compared with 50 free throws.  The Heat have shot distant more 3 pointers and a little less free throws than the Mavericks.

Spoelstra said, “That hasn’t been a successful formula.”

“We’re an attacking team. We’re a free-throw-shooting team. The 3-point ball is a weapon for us. It’s a necessary weapon. It has to happen within the context of establishing our game first.”

“We do need to be aggressive. We do need to be an attack team. Our guys understand that. We will be better with that.”

Shawn Marion, Mavericks forward has take notice of more condemnation all through his career.

He is frequently been named a complementary player.  Marion has discovered a way to stand on his own in this year’s NBA Finals.  His offensive production is increase while his defense on Heat forward LeBron James has been astral.

Marion is averaging 18 points, 9 rebounds and 3.5 assists in the Finals.  He is assisted hold James to 22 points a game.

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