Construction Worker Got Killed on Collapse of Dutch Soccer Stadium Roof

Dutch soccer stadium collapsedWhen the roof of a Dutch soccer stadium collapsed, a construction worker died and there are ten others were hospitalized on Thursday.  He died at the home of Dutch top-tier side FC Twente and a major rescue operation was underway concerning emergency teams and a medical helicopter, De Twentesche Courant stated.  Construction employees were on the roof when it collapsed around noontime, and those under it ran for their lives.  The witness illustrated the roof as collapsing “like a house of cards.”

Roads throughout the stadium were blocked to create way for emergency teams.

The roof subsided when two supporting beams went down throughout the work to put up a new tier onto the stadium, in the northeastern city of Enschede.

FC Twente in 2010 won the Dutch soccer title and was the second placed side previous season.  It also fought in the UEFA Champions League, European top contest of soccer previous season.

The stadium named De Grolsch Veste, opened in 1998 with a capacity of 24,000 people.  It was being prolonged following current success of FC Twente.

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