Dallas Goes Partying for Mavericks’ Victory

Dallas Goes Partying for MavericksWith victory, Dallas Mavericks went back to their home Monday, cheered by several fans celebrating the first NBA title of franchise and the first professional championship of some kind in the area in over a decade.

Mark Cuban, owner walked away the plane at Love Field bringing the championship trophy he was handed after Game 6 win against the Miami Heat.

After that came ahead Dirk Nowitzki with hardware of his own: The NBA Finals MVP trophy that was rewarded after he conquered a finger wound, sickness and suffocating resistance from the Heat to control fourth-quarter comeback triumphs.

The Dallas billionaire who purchased the team in 2000, Mark Cuban, had the championship trophy in a chair next to him on the plane, and he actually reserved it close all through the Sunday night festivity.

He noted down on Twitter, “This will sound weird; I’m laying in bed, with the trophy next (to) me.”

Cuban will stay the party going at least through Thursday morning, the date schedule for the victory parade of the team through the streets of downtown Dallas.  He will pick up the tab for the parade costs of the city, Cuban said.

In the 31 years history of the Mavericks this is their first victory and the first in the city since the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup in 1999.  Furthermore it approaches four months following the Super Bowl in suburban Arlington integrated not the hometown Cowboys also Green Bay and Pittsburgh together with an epidemic of bad weather.

The victory of Mavericks against the Heat is a big distress for followers in Miami.  Creating matters bad, an advertisement in the local paper mistakenly congratulated the Heat on winning.

photo credit: gossipdepartment.com

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