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It’s always so nice to play with Digital SLR’s, SLR’s and digicams whenever they are around. I love to take shots and different angles of a single subject and choose from a range of pictures that I love and develop them for me. Even though Social Networking sites like Friendster, Facebook, Tagged, etc are around, our friends and the friends of our friends can view the pictures we took but nothing compares to the beauty, excitement and bliss that we have when we hand held our pictures, developed from a photo developing store. Specially when we develop it in large scale photo’s. Adding color effects like B&W puts a different beauty to it. Sepia Color effect displays classic and old style of the picture, both are so nice to see. Frame it and place on your wall. It’s much cheaper than buying paintings from galleries which costs much. But the beauty that we personally take those pictures is different.

As for me, I’m a beginner, a newbie in the field of photography but its always my dream of having a beautiful and wonderful shot someday, what I do is I that always take my camera ready, since I’m using a Point and Shoot Camera, I usually take a lot of pictures of a single idea or subject and just select afterwards.

Professional photographers provide simple tips and tricks to newbies like me, for other newbies like me, we better consider these simple tips:

1. Use an inexpensive Point & Shoot Camera:

They say its possible to capture a good shot using an inexpensive point and shoot camera, with it, we can build up experience on photography, it will also help us sooner on deciding a good camera gear that we’ll use. Who knows, maybe, someday, a newbie can be a Profie?

2. Always be ready:

Bring your camera always, no one knows when will be a right time to shoot. Often times, the least expected are the best time to take a shot, if you happen to forgot your gear, at least try to register it on your mind, or a list, and return with your camera ready, bring a tripod as much as possible to take a nice shot, newbies often take grungy and blurry pictures, tripod and self-timer helps a lot.

3. Ordinary can be a beauty:

I don’t know how I derive with the “ordinary can be a beauty” phrase but what I know is that simple ideas or things when photographed can sometimes bring beautiful images. Consider a little flower, photographed with a different modes like aperture mode, shutter priority mode or a manual mode can bring the beauty of a simple little flower. Don’t forget to explore those modes, they are quite helpful in taking beautiful and wonderful shots.

4. The “3E of Photography”:

Explore! Enhance! and Experiment the capacities and boundaries of your camera. Look for website that teaches Photography Tricks. Tricks are different from tips, you can tell the difference when you search for it. There are sites which teaches tricks on capturing beautiful splendid shots. Play with your camera as well, much better if you would use a tripod, it does help in so many ways. I’m not quite good at photography but I loved to play with the controls and buttons of it. Sometimes I’m amazed with my shots (with a big smile at the back of my head), I guess thats how a newbie feels when one takes a good photo.

5. Technique

I guess the final tip I’ll be mentioning is Technique. As they say “listen to your master”, Professional Photographers put their outstanding and creative techniques online. Looking at their shots can bring creativity to the imagination of a person.

Turtle Picture was taken using Canon S5is @ Hinatuan, Surigao.

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  1. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. Thanks for this great resource!

  2. Adding color effects like B&W puts a different beauty to it. Sepia Color effect displays classic and old style of the picture, both are so nice to see. Frame it and place on your wall.

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