Digital Photography : No. 1 Enemy – Shake

Perhaps one of the enemies, or considered as No. 1 Enemy of Photography is the Shake. It is not impossible that pictures are ruined and damaged by shaking hands. Beginners like us cannot help it but when we are trying to hold our camera it slowly becomes heavy thus making our hands shake, and when taking the shot, we’ll just ruin it. So here’s another Beginners Guide to Photography, my version.

While our finger is ready on firing the shot, we use to half-press the shutter and locks on the focus, but sometimes we tend to recompose the image and still half-pressing the shutter, with this, the camera shutter stays open for a long time and without knowing, after taking the shot we then move our hands but our picture is damaged its because of the long time of shutter opening that the image is blurred. So the problem is “the movement or moving the camera while the shutter is open and the camera has not fully captured the perfect stillness of the image you want”.

Take a look at this Photo:

Note: This is a Harliken Doll, focusing the doll really scares me, and gives me goose bumps, I don’t know why, but for some reason, this porcelain doll of a Harliken (female clown) is really hard to capture. Take a look;

Notice how blurry it is and I don’t like the picture, its ruined and damaged for me, not until I finally had this one;

It looks fine, though in low light but at least, I managed somehow.

Some ruined images are blamed to focusing issues, but actually, its also the photographer who’s to blame, (lol).  Another photo subject for camera shake;

Note: This is a Gundam Action Figure I bought at a local mall, not expensive enough for photography studying purposes.

Camera Shake results into ghostly like movements of the image. I encircled some points to give emphasis. The ghostly like shadow of the antenna, arms & accessories shows that there is a camera movement during or maybe right after taking the shot.  If your lazy enough to zoom in using your camera lens, this will add up more damage on the photo, instead, take time on closing up, personally to the image.

Taking another shot; I noticed still there are some slight ghostly like movements in the antenna.

It sure does takes time but I finally took one, but I’m not contented with this one yet. Time after time I really tried to make a best shot and here’s what I got;

The crisp of the image is the result of fast shutter speed, right light composition and a steady hand for capturing. So the solution against Camera Shake problems for a better picture to avoid damaging images, use fast shutter speed, look for better lighting and a tripod.

So sleepy, need to rest, till then, bye!

5 thoughts on “Digital Photography : No. 1 Enemy – Shake

  1. You make a great point here it is really hard especially with all the auto focusing that happens these days. It can help to use use a faster shutter speed. But with still life shots you can avoid all this simply by using a tri-pod. There are also many ways to find substitute tripods in case you don’t have one.

  2. Good post. I also struggle to capture photographs without shake-induced blurriness. Nowadays, I try to find some thing to place my elbow on. It really helps the images come out a lot better.

  3. Yeah i often run into the shaking problem you are referring to, and it makes it even worse on my camera since it is a lower quality, thus the blurring on it is even worse!


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