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Sometimes taking pictures in a crowded place is hard. We cant ask them to leave a place for a while so that we can take pictures right? So what I did is just leave them alone, take those pictures with them in it and leave it to your photo editing software. It’s simple if you know a lot of tricks using your editing software. Here’s a photoshop tutorial and I’m using Photoshop cs3 for now and here is what I did.

1. Shoot the Picture you want and open it with a Photo editing tool. Keep in mind that the picture you’ll capture can be edited with out too much disturbance.

2. Next, using cropping tool (C in PS) and crop a desired area you want, with the picture above, I’ll crop this area, for better result use 120 dpi;

3. See those people swimming and the light post? We’ll remove those using the Healing Tool (J). It’s like wiping those people out, (lol).  Switch to Healing brush by pressing J. Lets remove this girl, point your mouse cursor to the water near the girl, a bit grungy water. 4. Hold ALT button and click, then brush over the girl.Whalllaa! She’s gone, do it several time, so that it wont leave residues and left images, do it also with the wood and other people disturbing the picture. Do it with the light post and the people around.

5. It needs practice though but it the end, we may not be able to let them out while taking a picture but we can completely remove them using photo editing tool.

Till next time! bye!.

6 thoughts on “Digital Photography : Photoshop

  1. That is an excellent photoshop work. The flow of water is maintained perfectly. I have never been that good at Photoshop, even though I have tried for a few years, just experimenting. I heard the latest version of Photoshop is really good for replacing or removing objects in pictures.

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