Digital Photography: Playing with Shutter Speed

Hi guys, been so busy at school, I’m heading a group of graduating students wherein we are responsible for the students yearbook, so I wasn’t able to post new updates and articles.

Nevertheless, I still had time to play with my DSLR. One time I was at a overpass, I brought a Tripod with me and did some crazy shots.

It really does amaze me about flashing / dashing speed of lights pictures I’ve seen on the internet. Some lights are so thin while others we’re thicker. To a newbie photographer hobbiest like me, it does amaze me and wanna do my own! So I made my own, not satisfied really but I the experience helps in understanding more what a DSLR can do for you.

The trick in this shots is simply by prolonging the Shutter Speed. By opening the shutter a little longer, means letting light enter the sensor, letting more reflection and image being captured. These pictures should be only done at night, since its night newbies would tend to increase ISO to lighten the picture, but don’t do that, you will only end up ruining your shots like this one:

the picture is too bright, higher ISO would also create film like grains on the image. So, to take this shots, ISO 100 is best option. Aperture? Couldn’t find much difference between high f stops and low f stops with this shots, but I suggest using f stops or aperture of 29 – 30 can help, it adds crispiness of the image even end tips of the image.  Also to avoid shake and blur, use the DSLR’s timer, about  2 sec of timer.

I wasn’t afraid while capturing this shots because I’m in an overpass with few people passing. I guess the only problem with this shots is that the cars, trucks, motorcycles and etc. are just moving s0o0o00 ssssllloowww….

So rounding it up: ISO 100, Aperture 29 – 30, Shutter speed 15, 20 or 30.

Anyway, you can play with this. Using a led light, or a cellphone flashlight, and a friend can create funny pictures you can show your friends on your sites. Basically, I mean this pictures:

I guess you’ll get the Idea just by looking. Remember, if you’re bored, make this a boredom wiper, you’ll enjoy playing with the shutter. Till then, goodbye!

11 thoughts on “Digital Photography: Playing with Shutter Speed

  1. You pictures turned out great for just starting to play around with Shutter speed. I had fun playing around with this with all sorts of subjects. My favorite was running water. I was able to capture such great effects. I also have a small stream behind my house and used some floating candles, that really turned out great.

  2. Thanks, when i read your comment, I was looking forward to look for a running water like falls or a river, I wanna play with the shutter along with the running water.

  3. I am new to photography and would like to find a useful and friendly on-line forum, especially if most of the members are in MN. Otherwise an educational and beginner friendly digital photography forum would be nice.

  4. Cool. Thanks. I always wonder how to do this effect. The question is, how should that be flash? Maybe too much flash can make a picture with a lot of lights blurred. And the section with the LED? I must try it. Cool. It’s like a commercial for the orange in those he had seen.
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