Digital Photography: Pose and Shoot

Another beginners guide to digital photography. Been busy for a while, been looking at the malls for cheap Gundam Action models to be used in practicing digital photography (i love mecha). While watching at my Gundam models, it came into my mind, what are the best positions and posing tips to be used in a photo shoot.

Looking at Different Tips online I came across some tips, I found this website, but I’ll add some twist of mine, and here’s mine.

1. Hands in Pocket

Here’s a best example I got from the web. Ace from OnePiece anime. While hands in his pocket, and positioning the camera below him, shows a bolder Ace. A subject can be also be shot from behind and facing either left or right as long as his hands are on his pocket.

2. Hands on Hips

Here’s what I got, while both hands are on the hips, for girls, this shows a bit of sexiness, not mentioning what she would wear. If wearing a sexy shirt and shorts, it displays a nice body shape of a girl. For men, with this kind of pose, its another way of looking bold, large and big.

3.  Laying on Tummy.

I’m a Miley Cyrus fan and I got this from google. She’s laying on her tummy. Notice how sexy she looks with it. Try photoshooting with girls laying on tummy. This pose is also ideal for family portraits, they look like a pile of loving people.

4. Backwards on a chair

There are others who are confused on what to pose, but when theres a chair, posing like this picture above looks a bit hot. We can also try recomposing hair or adding a strong blowing fan in front to have hairs flying, it does give a nice effect.

5. Leaning Forward

I’m really so proud of Sandra Bullock and love her films, specially “the blind side”. She pose leaning forward, this gives sexiness specially when there’s some spots that looks sexy like chests and shoulders.  For men, they can also put their elbows on their knees. It gives masculine look.

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