Digital Photography : Which is Better/Best?

One of the most common questions about camera’s particularly DSLR’s is the brand. Canon vs. Nikon – which one is better/best? Both company are big ones whom took lead, make their own way and jump start from film camera’s to digital compact cams and DSLR’s. Since they we’re the first in the market, their presence is visible and dominant.

Canon and Nikon battles to hit the highest and top spot on the market. And when Canon or Nikon announces a coming camera, the other one also announces their own that would compete the upcoming one. So its a tight battle and a face-to-face fight on reaching the top.

Either of the two, both companies displays and brings up camera gears to everyone, from a consumer to a professional photographer.

Nikon has its own range of Camera’s. I’ve tried the Nikon D5000 and it works so nice and beautiful.

Capturing image with maximizing the full function of the camera gives one a thrill, an awesome experience and a beautiful nice photo result, like this one below.

I just dont have the file when I tried my friends Canon 550D DSLR, but it sure does give a awesome one.

Its been two (2) years I’m using my Canon s5is and it really helped me in practicing photography.

But for a newbie using a Point & Shoot camera, time comes when we want a DSLR, some would call it, “a real camera”. But the big companies confuses, Nikon vs Canon, which one would be the right one to buy?

There are factors to consider when buying a DSLR, here are some points to it:

1. Sensor Size

The most important criteria when picking a DSLR is the size of the sensor and the size of each photosite on it. Simply because, the larger the photosite the more amount of light it can capture, the more data it records. This results into a great and dynamic result of an image, less digital noise and crispy pictures come out – the better the picture quality.

2. Megapixel Resolution

Basically, we look at this first, the MP of the camera, but in this list, it comes in 2nd. Megapixel of the Camera plays a very vital role, its the amount of pixels the camera can hold and support. The larger, the better. However, 5 – 6 mp camera’s results into good photographs, but for more better and outstanding result, pick the highest one.

3. Brand Loyalty

Sticking to one company helps to avoid damaging your camera. Nikon DSLR bodies only accepts Nikon Lenses. Same as Canon as well. I’m not pretty sure about Sony, Pentax or Olympus, but as far as I know, their pins and chips must be compatible with each other. So Nikon must be paired with Nikon, Canon with Canon.

4. Lenses

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lense Reflex. They are camera bodies that can be attached with a single lens. Lenses vary by mm, its the size of the glass of the lense that gives a beautiful zoom and adjustments to capture the subject perfectly. Basically, theres the 18-55mm lens, its up to you to buy long range lenses that reaches 200mm and more. Either way, the greater the number means the more zoom it can reach and a crispy picture would be a product.

8 thoughts on “Digital Photography : Which is Better/Best?

  1. Great explanation. I have been using my standard old 35mm film camera for years. I like using the old fashioned black and white film and doing the development myself. But I have seen the awesome photos that many have taken recently and I am dying to try out the new media, (well new to me) I have struggled with trying to find just the right camera. This should help. I am still confused at the Nikon vs Cannon, but i guess it really doesn’t matter, if you find what you like the only difference is the two brands you can not mix and match different lens’s and other things.

  2. Me too, I’m totally confused about Canon vs Nikon, but what I did yesterday was ignoring the brand and shifting my attention to the specifications, the Sensor and Megapixel Resolution > the result is my new Canon EOS 550D, luv it!

  3. Canon is my all time favorite, no matter the field is.
    All its products are awesome. Its digital cameras and camcorders are contains high quality and the crystal clear image clarity showing its extreme engineering effects..

  4. Really helpful information about camera’s…………I’ve no idea about camera’s………..Thanks for increase knowledge about camera………..

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