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For some reason, photography has become a “hobby of many”. A lot of folks brings out their digi-cams, SLR’s and DSLR’s and set out to take good shots! SLR’s & DSLR’s took a big change of how photography works. With their big & bulky physical appearance, one could already perceive how great that camera would be. But, as i read from a post, “photography is the supreme test of a photographer”, one even said, photography doesn’t depend on the camera but on the photographer. What do you think?

Anyway, with a lot of DSLR models and reviews about them,seems that photography has change in a lot of ways.  A lot of picture controls, flash compensation controls, aperture and shutter priority mode has also been added and wholla! Great pictures!  I don’t have enough nor lot of experience or maybe ideas how this things work, i know some, only a little, perhaps.

Anyway, someday, i wish i could buy one, a DSLR, with a great lens and of course, the skills, to create and capture stunning and great shots.

As of now, I’m using a lovable camera, my Canon S5 is, and I love my shots.

By the way, in case, some haven’t heard of, the National Geographic Channel has a Photography Event about Great Migrations, anyone is free to join, better check out their website for more informations, and the Prize? A Brand New CANON EOS 550D DSLR, isn’t that nice?

And yeah, if you guys can help me too, can you please click the [LIKE] button of my photo submissions on NATGEO’s event?

(Here’s my photo submissions: 1: fly &  2: breed, support other submissions too!)

Thanks, God Bless and more power to everyone!

25 thoughts on “Digital Photography

  1. hello guys whoever started this blog/thread is a legend, it is so helpful! I am an professional photographer searching for some new photography jobs, anybody know of any websites I can join for free?

  2. Nothing at all is as well a lot to ask, honestly! If it can make your purchasing knowledge far better and with much less worries – do it. Nothing at all appeared proper to me, and I acquired upset more than every thing. Almost nothing was genuinely incorrect, besides that our canine was not feeling nicely.

  3. No doubt! we can ignore the role of photo photographer but as well as photography tool(camera) also play vital role. the clarity of picture depend on the quality of the camera not of the photographer……..

  4. Canon is really the leader in digital photography. I’m very happy that they just decided to open stores in all over India. It fulfill the need of every customer that has desire to have Canon’s product.

  5. I believe it does take a certain eye to be a great photographer but if you try anyone can be quite good at it. I was told in high school I had an eye for photography, but I tend to try and get abstract photos that make you look at something you know in a different way. So it depends I think. I use an old school Minolta that I can change the shutter speed and F stops. It helps to use filters too.

  6. @SEO Co. Delhi: that’s a good news for out Indian brothers who loved photography too, I’ve seen on TV once, an Indian photographer using an old camera but took splendid shots.

    @selling textbooks online: wow, how I wish I had an eye for photography too!

    @web design LA Spinx: I’d like to look at some of your shots, i’ll post some of mine in my next post.

  7. I got hooked on photography ever since I got my first own camera, a rectangular Minolta with integrated flashcube. I thought it was the coolest thing. Since then, I’ve had better and better cameras but on the flip side, less and less time to indulge in this wonderful hobby at the same time.

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  8. Not long after samples of the Fujifilm X10 became available reports started surfacing of ‘white orbs’ or ‘white discs’ appearing in images. We mentioned this phenomenon when we included the X10 in our pre-Christmas roundup of high-end enthusiast compact cameras.

  9. Digital photography is a form of photography that uses an array of light sensitive sensors to capture the image focused by the lens, as opposed to an exposure on light sensitive film.

  10. A lot of image manages, display settlement manages, aperture and shutter concern function has also been included and wholla! Excellent pictures! I do not have enough nor lot of encounter or maybe thoughts how this factors perform, i know some, only a little, perhaps.

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