Reasons Why People Gets Discouraged in Blogging

Many people already has been fascinated with this new money making trend today, the Blogs. When we hear people are getting rich just because of blogging we also want to have a chance to engage in this kind of business not knowing the risk that we might encounter. In this article, I will mention some reasons why people wants to blog but they get discouraged.

They Thought It’s Free.
Blogging is free, you don’t have to pay anything if you want to blog, I already tried blogging for free but you know what? after blogging for how many months, I can barely get traffic.

Reason: Readers and visitors nowadays who also do blogging prefers those self-hosted blog or blogs that has it’s own domain (e.g. not and your fellow bloggers are also your important source of traffic. And they mostly drop comments.

Advice: Purchase a hosting package, switch to self-hosted blog platforms (e.g., and by time you will surely get what you want.

They Can’t Write.
Can’t write is the most reasoned out problem when convincing somebody to engage in blogging, and it was my problem before. Writing article is one of my most hated chores. I don’t know how to build ideas and expound every sentence that I encounter because I don’t give a care and that was before.

The secret:
Read articles and try to comprehend every lines. If you don’t understand, read it again and again until you can. And from that, start building your ideas and combine it with what your opinion is. With practice, I’m sure you will come up with a nice article.

Reasons I mentioned above are some that I encounter when introducing blog to people I know. If you think there are more reasons beside this, you can comment in this article.

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