Don’t Let Anyone Touch You or Else You’ll Regret!


Last week when I changed my internet provider I was attack by this virus that really messed up my computer. It’s not a new virus and it’s not that I don’t have an anti-virus, maybe my anti-virus did not define it as a virus 🙂

It’s caused by this USB removable drive plugged-in in my computer when the Internet Guy installed and setup the router/new internet connection.

When he finished installing and it’s my turn using my own rig, I noticed my computer begins slowing down, task-manager and run command are gone, and the time changes every time. I looked up in the internet, checking every forum that will help me cure this but nothing happened.

So I immediately backup my files and prepared for the big POWERFUL REFORMAT (lol). After reformatting, I ask my brother about this virus because he has been working with computers since he is a technician. He gave me this anti-virus and anti-malware for USB removable drives and yes! That removed all the virus from my USB drive affected with that virus too.

Hey everyone, better install this program before your computer gets swarmed by this thing that messed up my computer and hassled me. You can get it “HERE”, it’s for free so you don’t have to worry for paying.

Lesson? Don’t let anyone touch, use or even mess with your computer or else you’ll regret. But if needed, ask him to use any alternatives to prevent any attack.

(Give me a buzz if you are having a problem downloading or with the installer and I’ll provide you a new one.)

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more 🙂

3 thoughts on “Don’t Let Anyone Touch You or Else You’ll Regret!

  1. Wow, sorry to hear that happened to you, JP. Glad you got everything sorted out and back to normal. I would never let anyone touch my computer, mainly because I already know a lot about them and can do everything myself. I also backup my hard drives on a regular basis just in case something bad does happen. You just never know.
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