DSLR: Lens Everybody Should Have!

Hi! been really busy lately to some school activities and work related matters.

Anyway, I met a highschool friend, haven’t seen him for a while. Saw him on a Van ride from a Mall down to my hometown. It was a one hour ride and that one full hour of ride taught me a lot.

I just discovered he was a freelance photographer! Whheeew! Just my luck! Without hesitance I really asked him about lenses. Nonetheless, my luck just got even better!  Why? Here it goes.

He just came from a photography shoot, and he showed me his shots. The shots we’re so amazing that I got jealous of how or when will I be able to capture shots like that?

The whole idea of why his shots are amazing? Experience and a 50mm f/1.8 mark II prime lens.

Picture source & review click here.

Yes, a 50mm prime lens with a fixed zoom of 50mm only, which mean a lazy photographer who relies on camera zoom will have to move his feet forward or backwards to capture the best shot. Because it’s aperture is lower than my kit lens, I wasn’t so sure, but I believed in him since he is far much more better than me.

I was wrong, the lower the aperture means the sharper the image is plus the background will create a very blurry image and lights or shinny objects will have bokeh effect.

Just like this picture of my girlfriend above, her face is somewhat sharp while the background is blurry and theres a slight bokeh effect. Luckily my Canon body is EOS 550D, wherein I have 9 points of focus, with it I can play with my focusing.

So to wrap everything, specially beginners like me. If you’re into portrait and still life photography, I can recommend to buy this one. Cheapest lens of Canon, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Lens. Take advantage of its lowest aperture. As much as possible, use the lowest aperture or f/1.8, it will give a crispy & sharp image with its background blurred and bokeh effect.

I never really got my best shots but still practicing though. So till then, cheers and have fun shooting!

12 thoughts on “DSLR: Lens Everybody Should Have!

  1. There a lot of really good and affordable 50mm lenses out there, it really just comes down to which brand your prefer. They are all quite good.

  2. Funny that you included a photo of a guitar… that is my primary subject for photography these days, and I’m always looking at the best way to capture creative images of a guitar. I’ll have to look into this lens!

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  4. Spend time at any event where photography enthusiasts congregate and you will notice plenty of naked lenses…lenses without lens hoods. That is rather strange, when you consider that nearly every quality lens ships with a custom designed lens shade made expressly for that lens. It isn’t a matter of being able to afford a hood; it is nearly impossible to buy a decent lens without a matched shade. So all those photographers already own lens shades; they simply don’t bother to use them.

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