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Greetings! and a Happy New Year Guys!

Been busy the past few days, specially when the 3 of us (me, my younger brother and sister) went out of town during the Christmas break. Of course, bringing my Camera Gear (Canon 550D) I discovered new techniques and shooting styles.

As I surf the net and forums on digital photography, most professionals suggests that shooting Flowers & Insects are best for beginners. They say that when taking pictures of flowers, it requires a steady hand, perfect lighting and pretty closing up, aside from our zoom lens, one must stick up closer achieve the best shot. I wrapped up some DSLR Photography tips I gathered and here they are:

1. Close Up – Getting on your knees, zooming in, not just the camera but also yourself.

2. Lighting – Play with light as creatively as you can. They suggest that using flash, or external flashes with diffusers to soften the light.

3. Manual – its hard to focus on flowers/insects using the camera’s built-in auto-focus. So it should be shot at manual mode, which means apperture, shutter speed and ISO are set manually. Focusing is Manual, and everything is Manual.

This results to the creativity and keen eye for photography of the photographer. Errors would result to imbalanced shot, wrong focusing can damage the image, which commonly look like this:

Supposedly, the little white flower should be focused, but due to my error, the leaf was focused, turning into manual mode requires right focal length in order to create focus and not like this:

The picture above resulted into a blurry image, no focus at all. But of course, we must learn from our errors and mistakes, with practice and tweaking the functions, my next shot became like this:

It seemingly looks like a macro photography but not satisfying, anyway, due to its manual mode, playing with light is important, help me out here, choose which image you like? (note that they are not photoshoped or edited either):



Need your comments with these 2, thanks in advance. However, I’m not quite satisfied with my shots yet, though I got shots like this:

This is my post for now, I’ll be posting tomorrow again, thanks for viewing and please choose which do you like between the lighter and darker image I placed above. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “DSLR Photography – Flowers

  1. Truly, few things can match up to the beauty of flowers when shot properly like that. Thanks for the tips. There is nothing like capturing nature in its full bloom.

  2. H,
    This site is an ongoing process of pulling together useful information with have nice flowers images that is related to digital SLR photography.Using a zoom lens for macro and closeup photography of bugs and flowers.

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