DSLR Photography: Lens Effect

It’s late night, just came from work and still not sleepy, so I decided to post a new article on Beginners Guide to Photography.

Its true that pictures when photoshoped or edited is amusing, awesome and looks so vibrant when it comes to color and effect. But, raw images, who we’re shot with no extra editing or photo enhancing is something a photographer can be proud of.

Like this:

Notice those blurry effects? I can assure you there is no photoshop or editing with this. I do collect Gundam 1/100 action models and turn them into my photography subjects, I can make them freely pose to what I want.

This Gundam (Gundam 00) acts like thrusting forward, now, to make it appear like thrusting forward, there’s a little trick on it, without editing or photo enhancing it. It takes practice and proper synchronization of your fingers to achieve a shot like this.

So basically, what I’m trying to say is, raw images with effects is still the best pictures to be proud of, I would be ashamed to my self if I’d do something of this photo:

and turn it into something like this:

yes, the sky is richer, color is thicker but this is after enhancing the photo, not the raw photo anymore. I mean, anyone can do this, with color curves using a photo editing software.

I think you get the idea of what I’m trying to say. So for the first picture above, which is the Gundam 00 action model, anyone using photo editing software can do it, in photoshop it can be done using filters, specifically radial blur, but the thing is, its not raw. For this, lets do our own thrusting forward Gundam, the trick is on the lens. Yes on the lens, how?

1. Hold the camera the proper way. Right Hand on the body, pointing finger on the shutter, Left hand on the lens, left thumb on left side of the lens while the middle finger on the right side of the lens, use your index finger to support the body of the camera.

2. Manual Mode, set ISO, not too dark, nor to bright, slower shutter like 1/10 – 1/20 and f stops to 11 – 14. Take sample shots to make you satisfied, adjust ISO and flash compensation.

3. Zoom out, but not so far to the subject, make sure that when you zoom your camera in, the subject is still in the middle of the frame, be aware of the framing guys, you might end up zooming in so close that you loose the subject.

4. Zoom out – then – Zoom in, practice on this first, keeping the subject focused. If you’re ready then proceed to the next step. Zoom out again.

5. Half-press the shutter, when your here the beep sound, then you’re ready to fire. Here’s the tricky part, “make sure that when you click the shutter, at the same time, you will also quickly zoom in on the subject”.

6. And you’ll have results like this:

Try different angles too, you’ll love the results.

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  1. I have had photography classes, and I have done photography assignments in the past, nothing big. This is going to be about an hour or so of photography for a renewal of vows/wedding ceremony. How much should I charge?

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