DSLR Photography: White Balance

Waking up in a cloudy day, so cold, with scattered showering around the place makes me want to sleep more, but the need to work drives us to stand up, stretch and keep working, sigh.

Anyway, I’ve found another beginners guide to DSLR photography. This is quite simple and easy to understand.

More or less, for a newbie, sometimes cares for ISO, aperture and shutter. When it’s hard to capture a scene, they tend to use the automatic setting. Sometimes they think its the best shot, but if you’d ask me, they should have bought a Point-and-Shoot camera instead. ^_^

Landscape Photography is beautiful, to those who hate fuss and wouldn’t admire what their DSLR can do would just use LS (or Landscape mode). But how do we capture our own landscape photo, without using LS mode?

So here we go, I’ll use some shots I got when I was at school, I was shooting at the sky with trees below. I had the full control with the Manual mode, using ISO to adjust lighting while compensating the the Shutter for opening it a bit slower for about 1/30 – 1/60, while aperture at 9 – 11 f/stops.

If you notice, I placed rectangles on it to be specified, color white washes out some parts of the image, the flag pole is like bent due to heavy color white behind it, some leaves on the trees we’re gone, its the whites fault. Its a washout photo, how did it happen you might ask? It because the white balance of the DSLR is in auto mode, which means, it auto adjusts its White Balance according to what it thought to be perfect. Adjusting white balance can help in adjusting this shots, lowering it can help:

Here is another shot while lowering the White balance, you can notice the flag pole is a bit thicker, the leaves in the trees are a bit thicker as well. One thing also is that the color green of the trees are darker. Green is like a symbol of life, but with this picture above its like over green, so how do we fix this? Its not the White Balances fault anymore, it for us to adjust the shutter, a bit faster shutter would result to something like this:

The blue sky is richer, green trees and green grasses gives life, with the additional flag pole, its a school ground alright. To capture this without people walking is to “wait”.

I guess that’s all for now, till then.

5 thoughts on “DSLR Photography: White Balance

  1. Quite an interesting set of shots. The differences were really apparent after reading your explanations. It’s amazing how many little details make up a good picture. When we look at a nice photo, we wonder what makes it so good but it’s little things like these that make all the difference.

  2. i think the first picture has a shadow which normally as if you were to stand at that point in real life u wouldnt get, however the second picture enables you to imagine exactly what it would be like if you were stood at that point as it has something more natural to it. i say using the DSLR with white mode is the way to go about photography.

  3. It’s a great feature to get a Digital Single Lens Reflex instead of SLR technology. It makes special effects which can improve the quality and visual capability of the camera. This uses a a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light.

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