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Facebook looks even nice now that it’s simple. Well for me, I prefer something like this. Just like twitter, it’s very simple and I can only see words and links.

I think it’ll be much cool if it has a feature like a link shortener (well I can use API’s for that, I know) but in the browser or maybe on my phone…I still need the shortener. Or maybe a customizable profile page like, changing the colors or have your own wallpaper, or so.

So what do you think about the new simplified Facebook Homepage?

And don’t forget to add me! on the sidebars┬á ­čÖé —->>

5 thoughts on “Facebook Simplified Homepage

  1. Facebook simplified homepage provides easier access to what you are looking for as you can now navigate to commonly-used areas from the top menu like notifications, new messages or new requests. Another nice change made is we now have a list of online friends and to chat with them there is no need to open a new window.
    Though they should have different themes to make it more colorful and attractive.

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