FIFA Still Gets Jack Warner as Witness

Jack WarnerAlthough Jack Warner resigned his position as the vice-president of the body, FIFA will still use him as a witness in their bribery investigation, and all other football-connected roles on Monday.

The ex-vice president was one of the FIFA members under doubt after Mohamed bin Hammam was suspected to have given cash for votes in his bid to turn into the latest head of FIFA.  However CONCACAF of Warner coworker Chuck Blazer blew the whistle on the payment preparation leading to both Bin Hammam and Warner being postponed.

Choice of Warner to step down finished all probable act of FIFA as, under Swiss law, the ethics committee has no authority over people not in the organization.  In spite of the cloud hanging over head of Warner he will still be capable to produce proof against others.

Carribbean football associations are charged to have accepted cash gift totaling of $1 million.

In a statement FIFA said, “Mr Warner will be heard as a witness. He will be investigated as a witness but not as an accused party. He has offered his support to the ethics committee in their continued investigation.”

Warner gave a parting shot claiming the providing of “gifts” has for all time been a portion of the culture of FIFA throughout his 30 years in the organization and that he had been “hung out to dry.”

He informed Bloomberg, “It’s not unusual for such things to happen and gifts have been around throughout the history of FIFA. What’s happening now for me is hypocrisy.”

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  1. otherwise, it’s the same thing. i’m sure some websites get confused.. it was fifa 07 and 06, before that it was fifa soccer 05 and 04, and before that is was fifa 2003 and 2002… so they’ve tweaked the naming slightly over the years

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