Finding the Perfect Niche for Beginners

What should you blog about? This is what bloggers call the “niche” and this is pretty hard to think of. If you want to blog your own personal experiences, then feel free to write whatever you want. If you want to write about entertainment then write something that has something to do with entertainment like celebrities, etc.


* You may have many interest on your life but you have to choose one, the best in all of your interest so that your blog will be more focused in one thing. This is will also prevent visitors to get confused in your blog, it’s just like; yesterday they read about you climbing on a mountain but now they read about your neighbor cooking. This is irrelevant so better focus on one thing.

* Make your passion or the thing that you are knowledgable your niche. This will surely help you for making more posts and will keep you attached from you blog.

* And of course, focus only in one blog. If you are a beginner, avoid making  more than one blog.

(Any corrections, suggestions, and comments are very much appreciated.)

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