Focal Point on Digital Photography

This post is also about Digital Photography, a newbie’s guide to Digital Photography. Self teaching, that is.This is also an update of my previous post, Digital Photography 2, Tip # 3, ordinary can be a beauty, my Model is a  hard rubber model of Gundam I bought at a Mall, just Php 80.00 (around $1.88).

I was playing with my camera (Canon S5is) after reading an article about digital photography, I was focusing on Focal Point of an image. Focal Point is the attention of the image. It is where we want our friends and viewers put their eyes. It is the center of attraction, or the apple of the eye, or simply, what you want others to look at. It can be anywhere of an image, not center alone.

The significance of a Focal Point is tremendous. It is where our attention will be brought to. Its importance can affect the whole picture, and could possible affect the whole album. Why? Without focal point or focus, a viewer cannot find the “interesting part” of a picture. Take this image as an example.

This picture is blurry and has no focal point in it. There is no focus and no interest. “No Interesting Part”. For a common viewer, they would just jump into the next picture without hesitating. Tony Stark (Iron Man) would just virtually crumple this image and virtually throw in his virtual trash can, empty it permanently“. But, applying a focus on an image will have a result with something like this, or so;

The focus is on the head and the body of the Gundam Model. Blurring the arms and wings will give more attention on the body and the head of a model. For a newbie like me, I had a hard time focusing and there is a shot that even looked like this;

With my lack of experience my focus was inverted. Instead of Focusing the Gundam Strike (white/blue) it came out blurry and the Gundam Aegis (red) was focused which was behind Gundam Strike. Blurring helps in emphasizing Focal Points. This happens when focusing is not practiced to the extent that a photographer will have those keen and sharp eyes on focusing. I guess that clears focal point.

Furthermore, Focal Points practicing can be enhanced in other ways. Placing the subject in a position where it will stand out will give an outstanding focus on an image. Blur effects, manual blurring on the outside skirts of an image will help in sharpening  the focal point of an image. This Gundam Aegis below is sharpened using manual focus by blurring halfway of the background and shadow.

Focus, imagine our very own eyes, adjusting our pupils to the right size and amount of light entering to clear out an image. If the subject you wanted to capture is not that far, it helps to get close to it for a more accurate focusing technique. There are others who rely on the Zoom Lens of their gears, but getting too much zoom pixelates and destroys the images quality. Also by getting close to the subject, the size of the focal point we want to have changes, the bigger the better, I also realized that having a pretty closed up image and focus might draw an attention to viewers, some would say what is beside it, or around it, that way our image tells a story.

I guess thats all for the moment, I’m kinda running out of ideas today. Need to practice more on photography to have something to write about.

Thanks for visiting and Cheers!

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  3. This is a good blog message, I will keep the post in my mind. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks Ferrari.

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  6. I facing a problem, could you guys help me pls? i am using 18-55mm canon lens for portrait photos, while taking group photos , all my subject seems to be out of focus, couldn’t figure where am i going wrong?

  7. Sorry for not replying immediately. I understand your problem, the best thing to do is set your shooting mode to Aperture Priority mode, its Av on Canon DSLRS, set the aperture priority to the lowest value, commonly its f5.5, try to lower it to f3 or f2, also ask your subject to come closer a little distant from the background, i would make the background a bit blurry but emphasizing your subject.

    Hope it helps, cheers!

  8. Julian,
    Focal points in photography are a great topic, and yes I do believe that blury edges add a nice dramatic accents to the photo.
    Thanks for the post!

  9. Yea, the focal point is hugely important to the outcome of the photo. Your two examples clearly demonstrate this. In the first photo, it’s hard to even tell what it is and will be easily looked past but the second one really grabs out attention and is a foundation on which we can appreciate the rest of the photo.

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  10. Jean,

    Without the distinct colors and sharp lines in the model’s I doubt the focal point effect would be as pronounced to the viewer. The pronounced features of the photos definitely adds to the focal point effect. Perhaps that’s why in Iron man the suit stands out so well amongst the objects in tony starks lab in the film.
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