Former Boss Recommends Lawrence Frank As Pistons’ Next Coach

8161890-largeThe Detroit Pistons are expected to make a contract offer to Lawrence Frank to be the next coach of the team this week.  And he previously has an approval from a previous boss.

New York Post’s Fred Kerber talked to Rod Thorn, the Philadelphia 76ers president, concerning the choice of Piston.

Thorn worked with Frank in New Jersey when he was the Nets president.  He fired Frank as coach after New Jersey begun the 2009 season with 0-16.  Yet Thorn had pleasant things to talk about Frank then and still has good things to say now.

Thorn informed the Post, “I think it would be a great choice, really, a great choice.  Lawrence is a terrific coach. I believe he and Joe (Dumars, Pistons president) would work really well together. I’m really happy for him and I think he would be a great choice. … The guy can coach.”

And Thorn added, “Lawrence did a really good job for us with the Nets.  It was tough at the end but we really didn’t have any talent. You can’t blame him for that situation.”

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