Former Dodger Owner’s Grandson Hopes Best for the Team

Frank McCourtThe Los Angeles Dodgers and owner Frank McCourt now discover themselves in a Delaware bankruptcy court at the mercy of a judge who will help choose the destiny of the organization at a hearing.

Dodger followers have said their disapproval with the condition that is mocking attention from the product on the field.

Tom Seidler, Visalia Rawhide owner, the grandson of Walter O’Malley, former Dodger owner, just wants to observe the condition resolved in a fast and efficient way.

Seidler said prior to Monday night’s Rawhide game against the Inland Empire 66ers, “As a life-long fan of the Dodgers, I’d love to see this settled much sooner than later.  Baseball deserves better, the community of Los Angeles deserves better, and I’m hoping things will get better soon.”

O’Malley first bought a part of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1944.  He bought 25% of the Dodgers in 1950 and turned out to be a team president, he adopted 66 2/3 percent ownership in 1958 and 100 percent possession of the franchise in 1975.

In 1979 O’Malley dies and bequeathed the team to his son Peter and daughter Terry, mother of Seidler.

In 1998, the O’Malleys sold the team to Fox Entertainment Group.

The franchise won six (6) World Series and 15 National League titles during the O’Malley’s ownership of the Dodgers from 1944-1998.

Bob Daley, managing partner of the Dodgers’ when Fox Entertainment Group sold the team informed the Associated Press he regretted the day the team was sold to McCourt.

Daley said, “Fox, myself, and MLB made a horrible mistake in not doing the proper due diligence on Frank McCourt.  I helped get him approved and for my piece, I feel very bad about it.”

According to Seidler, he is so busy running the Visalia Rawhide and has not had enough time to be troubled regarding what is going on with the Dodgers. He only wishes things recover shortly for the franchise.

He said, “Baseball deserves better. The day when things get better is coming.  I just hope it is soon.”

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