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I guess its OK to go out of topic sometimes, haven’t played with my Cam for a while but I think gadgets could also be a good topic. I was at school one time and I heard peeps talking about the Nokia C3. Its the Latest and Cheapest QWERTY handset of Nokia, well, as for me, Nokia Phones are the most user friendly handsets, and applications are lurking around, free and enjoyable!

It was released in 3 vibrant colors, Hot pink, a golden white one and slate gray.  I bet girls would love this Hot Pink one. Anyway, the Nokia C3, aside from being a phone, it has built-in social networking applications, where one can easily connect to Facebook & Twitter (many will come soon, said Nokia). The C3 has the most reliable internet connection from other nokia phones. So its good for posting on Facebook and Twitting.

It also features Instant Messaging like Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Ovi Chat & MSN. E-mail with your friends using Yahoo Mail, GMail, Hot Mail, etc. When outdoors, C3 has a 2mp Camera where photos can be easily shared on facebook.

Internet Connectivity is done via Wifi and EDGE. This phone doesn’t require its user to be techie or whatever, as long as you know how to use the phone, and love to browse facebook (no wonder why Mr Zuckerburg is so rich).

BTW, in our place, this phone is priced to P6,850, not bad.

4 thoughts on “Gadgets! Nokia C3

  1. ya sure very lovely handset. Today i heard that Nokia is going to launch new phone with 3.5mp camera’s in very cost effective rate 4500inr. I heard this but don’t sure. If some one has confirmed information plz explain it in detail.

  2. my Girlfriend just bought her own C3 at a local mall and she loves it, actually, i’m a bit jealous and i want my own.

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