Two-Time World Super Featherweight Champ Hernandez Dies of Cancer

Genaro Hernandez Dies of CancerGenaro Hernandez, a two time world super featherweight champion, has died of a rare cancer with the age of 45.

He died Tuesday at his home of rhabdomyosarcoma which attacks her muscle fibers, according to his wife, Liliana Hernandez.

Chicanito, nicknamed of Hernandez was born in South Central Los Angeles and started his professional boxing career at the age of 18 last 1984.

Liliana Hernandez said, “He had been boxing from the age of 8 and dedicated his life to the sport.”

He effectively defended that title eight times over the following three years prior to surrendering it to challenge Oscar De La Hoya for the WBO lightweight title of Caesars Palace.  Hernandez knocked out by De La Hoya in the sixth round.

Taking a split choice against Azumah Nelson and effectively protected it twice, Hernandez succeeded the WBC super featherweight title in 1997, against Carlos Hernandez and Carlos Gerena before being defeated his last battle and the title to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 1998.

Hernandez stopped working later that year owed to a little blood lump in his brain and completed his vocation with a record of 38-2-1 with 17 knockouts.

He endured by his son, Steven; his daughter, Amanda; three brothers; two sisters; and his father, as well to his wife of 21 years.

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