Get That Dream Job! Tips from the Experts

Almost everyone has a Facebook account, might as well the companies too. You might want to make it clean and look professional if you are looking for a job because they might investigate your background, and your Facebook profile is one of the things that they might look up to.

Set up a professional email address like [email protected] From now on, unprofessional ones should only be limited to friends only.

You might as well fill up some profile sites like LinkedIn. A 100% complete profile might land to some good opportunities 40% more likely.

Better check your credit history too. According to Michelle Singletary, some employers check the personal finances of the applicants before they make their offers. Although they are confidential, majority of the companies today use them to put you in certain positions.

Be honest if the interviewer asks you about your failures in the last job that you had. Mention them clearly and kindly and let them know that you are going to change this and discipline yourself so it won’t happen again.
Get That Dream Job
A portfolio of work or be prepared with your own talking points. This might push your luck.

Employers might also observe your body language so better work on it, as well as the smile, eye contact (consistent but not constant) and of course a firm hand shake which they say describes your character.

Be careful with your voice too. You might want to fit it in to the position that you are applying, like a voice chin dipping, slightly deep for a management job position.

Be ready with the questions like “Tell me about yourself”. Let them know the most important thing to you, of course for the job, in a way that the interviewer will remember and say to other people too.

Never make things up. The interview is no time for fabricating some good stuff.

Of course the “Salary”, experts say “don’t lie, but don’t tell”. If the application form has this, just leave it blank or say something like you are more interested with the opportunities and looking forward if it’s going to be a good fit.

Don’t make the price, let them say it first. Just tell the interviewer that they pay competitively than the other and let them spill it out first.

If the situation orders you to say so, you might want to use the phrase “…my total compensation” according to Lee Miller. This phrase appears more general which seems to include the bonuses, raises, and some benefits. But if you notice that they are alarmed, just smile and ask them what they have in mind for that position that you are applying.

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