Work 60 Minutes a Day and Earn $100 with Google AdSense

I know this is not new to you, this claim has already been swarming the internet convincing people to click them or subscribe to a blog that has this banner or link.

But did this ever got you thinking? I know some of us thinks that this is possible but with just 60 minutes a day I don’t think so. How much time would it take to make a very convincing article and promoting it?

I saw this post from a blog that I would not mention and honestly I was not convinced. The article that he wrote might be very convincing but the author never mentioned how to do it. So I was wondering if this is really true because I noticed that he will tell you the tips and tricks but first you have to subscribe.

Would you subscribe or not?

To subscribe is OK but do you think it’s worth it? It depends on us if believe it or not. Maybe it looks fake but there is a big possibility that it is true. But if you already subscribed and you think that it’s not worth it, don’t worry because we can always unsubscribe.

6 thoughts on “Work 60 Minutes a Day and Earn $100 with Google AdSense

  1. It’s really amazing knowing you can earn that much with just a couple of minutes or so, but YES! I agree with you alan, there’s a lot of things to do before it happens. From my post, I want people to know that blogging is not that easy and it is not easy money, it also requires patience, It will take time and time.

    Thanks for the comment Alan.

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